A Sweet Experience Updated for You!

Hershey’s Chocolate World is known for its Chocolate Tour Ride experience and the sweet treat you get at the end of the ride. Since the tour originally opened in 1910 at the factory, from its transition to the new building called Hershey’s Chocolate World in 1973, there have been many changes to keep the ride trending with the time period. There was even a redesign in 2016 which added in the digital animations of everyone’s favorite characters - Mr. Hershey Bar, Reese, and Miss Kiss. You can find the characters explaining the chocolate process throughout the ride.

Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors come from all over the world to see what Hershey is all about and take a trip through the famous tour ride. As the ride has changed over the past 30 years, Get the Picture has seen the technological advancements it has undergone. It was only fitting for us to update the photo experience for our guests as we entered the end of the decade to create an additional chocolatey experien…

Cultural Connections: Learning Opportunity

Typically, students who participate in the exchange program work for one season. This past year one student, Anderson, decided to return for a second-year because he enjoyed it so much, and since he did such an impressive job in his first year, we were able to promote him to a Team Leader upon his return!
His knowledge and experience were incredibly helpful throughout the training of all the new students this year.  He knew the best way to explain procedures and what to say to guests that helped to bridge the language barrier.  This also helped make everyone feel comfortable with asking questions, bringing up suggestions, and a part of the GTP family.
At the end of the summer, we asked Anderson to write a little bit about his experiences here in American:
"Even during 21st century there are still a lot of misunderstandings occurring in different countries due to different culture routines. But GTP Corp which cooperate with culture exchange institution supply opportunities for Chines…

Cultural Connections: Community

Every year, since 2013, we have had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students from China to come work with us. They are college-aged students who are here to gain experience in something related to their field of study. Some are studying business while others are studying various fields in the arts. While they are here learning, we are able to use this as an opportunity to learn about their culture and develop great, new friendships along the way.

One student from our 2018 season wanted to get even more out of the program. Qiqi (Vicky) Wang decided that she wanted to make a difference in downtown Harrisburg where she was living for the summer. She felt like something was missing from the experience beyond just learning about our culture. She wanted to take it a step further and immerse herself into the culture by trying to help make the area a better place. Her efforts were recognized by Greenheart Exchange, who invited her to come back to speak at the Greenheart Global Leaders C…

Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Pictures Sweeter

Do you ever wonder what the HERSHEY’S Characters do on a slow day at Chocolate World?  They ride the ride, of course!

We frequently see empty or partially empty cars in Chocolate World and we’ve now begun automatically inserting Milk Chocolate, Reese’s and Kiss characters in empty seats in their respective cars.

A trivial task for humans, determining if a car is empty is actually a fairly challenging task for a computer.  Our initial attempts at traditional machine vision techniques were thwarted by significant inconsistencies in the seats so we decided to take another approach: Artificial Intelligence.

Our VP of Systems and Engineering threw out the challenge of identifying empty seats to his two elementary-aged kids--Emily (age 10) and Paul (age 6)--who helped train our AI by sorting a representative sample of cars, giving them a real-world opportunity to see STEM in action.  The results were fed through a machine learning algorithm which produced a trained neural network that is a…

Always Say it Sweetly

When it’s time to say “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” or even just a simple “Thank You”, Hershey’s Sweet Personalization says it in three different ways. First, there’s the photo, then a written message, and finally, the chocolate. Hershey’s Sweet Personalization is a customized box surrounding a variety of Hershey’s products from Giant 7oz Milk Chocolate bars to a standard 2-cup pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Guests can customize each aspect of their order by submitting a photo, writing their message, and choosing which candy they would like wrapped.

When giving candy as a gift, folks are always looking for something to make it extra special. That’s what Sweet Personalization brings to the table with its customization. Our user interface is simple to use and gives immediate feedback to what the final product will look like. Though the Hershey’s Chocolate World location is the flagship of Sweet Personalization, it can also be found at the Hershey store in Times Square an…

GTP Helps Keep Kids Safe at Local Summer Camp

GTP tries to give back to the community in many ways, one of which is by donating equipment and expertise to local non-profits.

Earlier this year, Setebaid Services, a group that runs sleep-away summer camps for youth with diabetes, approached Camp Swatara, a local summer camp, with a question: instead of waking campers twice a night to check blood sugar levels, could an existing network be expanded to cover 11 additional buildings quickly and affordably?
GTP has long worked with Camp Swatara in a variety of capacities.  In this case, we helped build out their existing wireless network using several boxes of network equipment that GTP was no longer using.  Through GTP's donation of equipment, Nuvera Life Science Consulting and Setebaid Services were able to remotely monitor the glucose levels of their campers overnight, eliminating the need to wake most of them and catching potentially life-threatening hypoglycemia before what would have been scheduled nighttime checks.

Every pers…

GTP Makes Cupfusion Even Sweeter

GTP partnered with Hersheypark to provide a unique ride experience on Hersheypark's Cupfusion ride.  Customers who ride, scan a wristband prior to getting on the ride and then receive personalized stats following the ride.  GTP's unique photography software uses face localization technology to provide a photo of each rider which is tagged to their scores and displayed on the leaderboard at the end of the ride.

Photos are also available for purchase at the Hersheypark Get The Picture Walkaround photo booth.